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* The year round population of Sedona is approximately 10,400, while the seasonal population is approximately 11,300.
* The elevation of Sedona is approximately 4,350ft (at Town Hall).
* Sedona has almost 19 square miles, 51% of which are owned by private land owners, while the rest belongs to
Coconino National Forest!
* The highest point in Sedona is approximately 5,600ft (Coffee Pot Rock), and the lowest point in Sedona is approximately 4,000ft
(Oak Creek, Back O' Beyond Rd).

Sedona, and the immediate environs, is a special and unique place. With the awe-inspiring red rock formations plus the splendor and diversity of Oak Creek Canyon, it is considered a locality equal or superior to many national parks.

Located in the high southwestern desert under the rim of the Colorado Plateau at an elevation of 4,500 feet, it is blessed with four mild seasons, plenty of sunshine and clean air

Our Vision:
We are stewards of one of the most scenic and unique environments. We envision a community that reflects the beauty and harmony of our natural surroundings. Our vibrant economy includes an interdependence of residents, visitors, and surrounding communities which contribute to the quality of life. We are a community that is animated by the arts, cultural diversity, and a spirit of volunteerism.

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The 13th Annual Sedona International Film Festival and Workshop
This year's Sedona International Film Festival & Workshop will be held from February 28 - March 4, 2007. The 5-day festival features more than 125 films, including features, documentaries, foreign films, shorts, animation and student films. Filmmakers and audiences from around the world have heralded Sedona's festival as one of their favorites. The Festival Workshop, founded by Academy Award winner Frank Warner, brings award-winning industry professionals to Sedona to teach, inspire and share their knowledge with the next generation of filmmakers. This year's topic is "Distribution and Marketing" and will feature a panel of experts from independent and major motion picture studios.

Call (928)282-1177 for more information or log on to

The Sedona International Film Festival is also presenting its Second Tuesday Cinema Series every second Tuesday of each month. Shows begin at 7 p.m. at Harkins Theatres. Enjoy a sneak peak at films that will be screening at the festival in February & March and get a chance to talk with the filmmaker.

USA WEEKEND's Annual Travel Report

The 10 Most Beautiful Places in America

It's a nation so blessed with sights -- natural and man-made -- that you could ask all 300 million residents for their favorites and expect 300 million different answers. So how do you go about picking the country's 10 most beautiful spots?

Well, for starters, you go about it very boldly. You solicit opinions from travel writers and photographers, poll your colleagues, and talk to outdoor enthusiasts, historic preservationists and relatives who, every time you see them, seem to have just returned from another fabulous trip. In putting together USA WEEKEND Magazine's annual summer travel story, our editors did all that. To help frame the unenviable -- all right, nearly impossible -- task of limiting America's most beautiful attractions to a mere 10, we also offered a few guidelines. Nominees had to be publicly accessible and reasonably well-known. Iconic stature wouldn't hurt a place's chances, and, given the want of any objective way to measure beauty, sentimental favoritism was an acceptable tiebreaker. In other words, we instructed our experts to follow their hearts. After reading the top 10 list they produced, we hope you'll do the same.

1. Red Rock Country (Sedona, Ariz.)
Ever since the early days of movies, when Hollywood has wanted to show the unique beauty of the West, it has gone to Sedona, a place that looks like nowhere else. Beginning with The Call of the Canyon in 1923, some hundred movies and TV shows have been filmed in and around town. We fell under Sedona's spell, too, and while debating our No. 1 spot kept returning to it for the same reasons Hollywood does: The area's telegenic canyons, wind-shaped buttes and dramatic sandstone towers embody the rugged character of the West -- and the central place that character holds in our national identity. There's a timelessness about these ancient rocks that fires the imagination of all who encounter them. Some 11,000 years before film cameras discovered Sedona, American Indians settled the area. Homesteaders, artists and, most recently, New Age spiritualists have followed. Many cultures and agendas abound, but there's really only one attraction: the sheer, exuberant beauty of the place. People come for inspiration and renewal, tawny cliffs rising from the buff desert floor, wind singing through box canyons, and sunsets that seem to cause the ancient buttes and spires to glow from within. We hear the canyon's call and cannot resist. For more, go to

Sedona – Experience a world surrounded by scenic beauty, apart from the mainstream...and altogether extraordinary.
The winding road that leads into the heart of Sedona establishes a certain provocative rhythm captured in the cliffs of soaring sandstone, stands of pine, and distant mountains that greet every visitor. Awakened by the desert light, the intense color evokes a visceral response as your senses open to the sheer beauty and serenity of Sedona.

Nestled in the heart of red rock country, guarded by the Mogollon Rim and surrounded by the towering formations of red sandstone, Sedona is a delightful transition between desert and mountain. Sedona offers a charming combination of blue, clear sky, the breathtaking scenery of Oak Creek Canyon with its rushing waters and the brilliant red rocks sculptured by Nature at her finest. A near-perfect climate offers distinct but moderate seasons. World class amenities are enhanced by the spectacular setting, a rich creative atmosphere and a location central to northern Arizona’s major attractions.

The Sedona experience includes fine dining and accommodations, superb shopping, galleries abundant with art, native American jewelry, sculptures and much more; mystical energy, rejuvenating spas or invigorating outdoor recreation – all in the Most Beautiful Place in America – USA Weekend, 2003.

A mere 2 hours from Phoenix, Sedona is an extraordinary place to spend a few days hiking, sightseeing, shopping, dining, exploring, and relaxing. Sedona’s red rocks are a reminder of nature’s power – red sandstone spires surround you as you hike or bike the natural wonders of the area. From easy to difficult, Sedona’s hiking trails offer opportunities for everyone’s abilities. While in Sedona you can walk to a natural carved arch or trod the paths of the ancient Anasazi. View the red rocks and canyons from a hot air balloon, plane, or helicopter. Explore the rugged terrain of the back-country by jeep or ride horseback or take guided tours to the region’s many historical and cultural sites or plan your own itinerary. Be sure to include the prominent shopping districts of Hillside Sedona, Uptown & West Sedona, Prime Outlets and Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village.

Sedona slips the visitor into another world – a world surrounded by scenic beauty, apart from the mainstream…and altogether extraordinary.

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